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[trx_sc_title title_style="default" title_tag="h2" title="a few {{words from}} owner" subtitle="Welcome" description="Our outdoor pool offers a relaxing and enjoyable escape from the bustle of city life. Our lovely “oasis in the heart of city” has always been a delight for returning and new pool club members of all ages. We provide a safe and family oriented environment for all pool club visitors. We invite anyone out at any time to our pool."]
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[trx_sc_services type="light" featured="icon" featured_position="top" hide_excerpt="1" no_margin="" icons_animation="" cat="35" orderby="post_date" order="desc" title_style="default" title_tag="h2" title_align="center" count="6" columns="6" title="our pool facilities" subtitle="More than just a pool" description="Completely remodeled and new for 2016, the new management is bringing you a Playa Pool Club facility with all the amenities and more of a private club, but without the expensive bond to join. Explore our membership options, see upcoming events, and view our Gallery to learn more about the plans for our new facility." link="/activities/" link_text="more info"]
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